If you’ve wanted to sell your products online for a long time, but you just haven’t been able because of the technical learning curve or you simply do not have enough time to do so. Whether you’re selling digital products or physical products. It’s time to get your business ideas service online, doing businesses through the web has become big benefit and smart solutions for many companies and other organizations. As every minute passes more and more around the world online businesses are enjoying the results of opening up their online service. Get started now success of your everyday service, your business website will be open 24 hours a day showing off your products for sale even while you are sleep. Increase your sales service get more revenue incomes less budget expenses costs. Try it yourself you won’t be sorry.


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Frequently Asked Questions​

We are using WordPress, Woo-commerce and other professional templates to develop and creating dynamic websites.  From the very beginning we work closely with our customers so that they will get a most functional, but also a personal touch to their websites. Our business is built on a solid understanding technical aspect of  HTML5 , DIV, CSS style, Widget, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, WordPress, WooCommerce, e-commerce and other plugin. WYSIWYG what you see is what you get.

Our business is built on a solid understanding of the technical aspects with these languages and platforms HTML5 , CSS, Widget style, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB and WordPress, Woo-Commerce plugin. We are in business since 2005 and experience in Web-designing and developments. We are using high quality and professional templates and plugs. 

Yes, we deliver and develop completely fully functional online store and bank payment gateway system processing EDI API key any online banking or credit card and shipping delivery you want, who will process your payment using SSL highly secured protocols. For info click see here our demo shop.

Yes we can integrate any kind of EDI API key to your online store, any online banking or credit card and shipping delivery you want. But remember when ordering additional services or customization of the other solutions that do not initially mentioned in our website package prices list will cost more.

No, we never provide design that is identical to the web sites we have provided previously.

Yes we do, this is absolutely important than ever that your website are user friendly compact optimized for every smartphones devices and screen, in today’s mobile everyday, the challenge behind your business and the feature you need.

When it comes to delivery, will take sometimes about 4 to 8 weeks, depends on what kind site design layout suit you need . We must adapt to our website packages, but this will normally have a longer up to 4 weeks. When ordering additional services or customization of the other solutions that do not initially mentioned in our website package will take normally more time and will cost more.

Absolutely, our design developments works perfect and it’s well tested on all browsers, making sure everything works perfectly, down to the last pixel.

Which domain should I choose? If you do not have a domain already today, we can arrange this for you. Maybe you want us to create a domain for you with our partner hosting. All this we can do for you included with the your web project prices you choose.

Yes it is possible to create your own admin account or user account. Once we have completed developed your site, you get full access on your site, edit publish, delete everything or anything anywhere anytime you want.

Once your site is completed developed you just create admin user and passord then you are ready to go start working edit publish, delete everything or anything anywhere anytime you want.

If you need more features to add on your site just email contact us here with your request and we can usually add features to your web system.

Just in case if you have difficulties and need resolved your site problems we are always here to help you as customer, but remember you must have service agreement plan with us. We always recommended all our customers to sign service agreement with us. Register your support service here.

Even though our customers would take over the updating and monitoring of their own website, time may be you simply do not have time for it. Website must be frequently updated with both software and browsers. Let us take over the responsibility for the monthly service operation and monitoring of your website. We have a favorable deal for web updates, you save both time and money. We follow up your website monthly and update software and browsers exactly as should be. We recommended all our customers to sign service agreement with us. Of course, it’s up to you, you must not have service agreement. For further information contact us here.

If your service plan expired and you need renew don’t worry, you can still renew your plan. We will send notification mail, or contact us here.

Your existing service agreement plan will remain intact, your site will not update software and browsers. Your website will work exactly as should be, either with or without our support. But it’s absolutely important that your website runs smoothly with latest updates. If you are still interested having service agreement with us contact us here.

The easiest way to make payments is online you can make pay via our Net bank, Vipps or any other payment method you want.

You maybe wondering now, how much does costs new web-project. We have right now best offer web development, you save both time and money on our package prices solution. Our web developments package are priced as one time fees no monthly fees will be charged, you pay only once when your website is fully developed. Find out more details here.

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